VS & DPGU Weekly Update — September Week 3/4 2022

Voice Street-Daffy Panda
3 min readSep 18, 2022


Voice Street Progress

1. VS DPGU Invitation Party Event🔥

(1) Invitation Party Video

VS DPGU Invitation Party Event is still ongoing! Check the DPGU Invitation Party Video🙌

❓How to free mint the invitation

❓How to buy & upgrade the instruments

❓How to earn the PT needed to upgrade the instruments

Answers to all questions can be found in this video:

Video of minting invitation:


Video of upgrading instrument:



1. From August 27th, you can apply for your own DPGU invitation link from mod lori through Telegram (https://t.me/Iori_DPGU) and Discord (Iori#6897).

2. After successfully inviting 25 valid players, you can get a free DPGU NFT, and can also enjoy a 5% dividend from all your valid invitees’ revenue in the game permanently.

About valid players:

1. How to be a valid player: Players who entered the game (https://metaverse.vsnft.org) through the invitation link and got a level 3 instrument through upgrading during the test will be considered a valid player.

2. Valid players can obtain a special instrument when the is officially launched. Instruments can be used in P2E in Ark of Panda.

Important Notes:

During the test, every new player will be given 100 $VST and 16,0000 PT to buy and upgrade instruments.

After the test ends, all players’ files and data will be deleted, yet all $VST that players recharged in the game will be returned to their account.

Zero cost to win DPGU and unlimited dividend income, seize your opportunity!🎁😎

Join our community:

VS-DPGU Telegram EN: https://t.me/VoiceStreet

VS-DPGU Discord: http://discord.gg/daffypanda

2. NFT Platform Updated📢

Voice Street team updated the NFT Platform (vsnft.org) on Sep 15.

Since then, you can check the number of users they have invited directly on our official website. Spread your own invite links and win DPGU and unlimited dividend income.

3. 22 Bullets Single “Phenomenon” Officially Launched🤩

Single “Phenomenon” of 22 Bullets is available on Spotify, Apple Music & QQ Music!

💽The Tomyum Token ($TY) earing pool will be launched this weekend, and Tomyum Token holders can stake $TY for additional $VST earnings!

🔰Hold $TY and enjoy “Phenomenon” copyright benefits!

4. AMA 🗣

VoiceStreet Weekly Chat

12:00 PM UTC Sep 13, we held the first weekly chat in September in our discord.

Every Tuesday, we’ll share the latest progress of VoiceStreet and answer the most frequently asked questions in the community.

Want to know about the latest progress of VoiceStreet? Please feel free to drop your VS related questions in our #weeklychat-tuesday channel, and the team will address them. Our staff is here to answer questions you may have 👀

Check recap in all languages through the link below:


Daffy Panda Ganging Up Progress

1. DPGU & PeakBoyNFT Giveaway 🎁

👟PeakBoy is a collection of 10,000 utility-enabled NFTs issued by global sports brand PEAK.

🏆 10 Whitelist Giveaway

1️⃣Follow @VS_DPGU & @PeakBoy_NFT

2️⃣Join http://discord.gg/peakboyxbadhood & https://discord.com/invite/daffypanda

3️⃣RT, comment your DC username

Please see: https://bit.ly/3duFBmm

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