VS & DPGU Weekly Update— August Week 1/4 2022

Voice Street Progress

1. $VST Listed on BitCoke 🚀

IEO token $VST is open for trading at 12:00 UTC on Aug 3!

Note*: According to IEO rules, the VST tokens subscribed are linearly unlocked within 5 months and 20% will go circulating on Aug 3.

Within 24 hours, the highest increase reached 1214% .

$VST will be listed on Lbank on Aug 15, and more exchanges in the near future.

Venue: https://bitcoke.com/launchpad/VST

2. ERIC MOO’s NFT Sale 🎸

ERIC MOO’s NFTforGood “Magic Card” is on sale now!

Venue: https://bit.ly/3zQVZGo

Floor Price: 87.98 $USD

Ends in August 10 12:00 (utc+8)

(1) Binance Live

Malaysian Singer Eric Moo launches his NFTforGood “Magic Card” 🪄on August 4th, 1:00PM (UTC), where 40% of all proceeds will benefit Binance Charity!

Later in the day, he was interviewed by Binance to share his thoughts on music, NFT, and charity.

➡️For more details: https://bit.ly/3JwzIAV

▶️Binance live replay: https://bit.ly/3vIIfLt

(2)Surprise Giveaway

VoiceStreet & Binance NFT & ERIC MOO’s NFT Sale Surprise Giveaway!

👉https://bit.ly/3zQSKia, End on Aug 10

80,000 $MooMoo for 40 ERIC MOO’s NFT holders, and 10,000 $MooMoo for random 20 winners who complete gleam tasks!

Holding $MooMoo to share the copyright revenue of ERIC MOO’s songs:

a)By holding $MooMoo, you can earn weighted income from the copyright income of the streaming media platforms and Web3-based revenues.

b)By holding $MooMoo, you can also share the high APR of $MooMoo staking.

3. AMA 🗣

(1)VoiceStreet X JunGo

On August 2 12:00 PM UTC, we held an AMA with JunGo.

JunGo is the ONLY Strategy Shooter (physics-puzzle) game on the GameFi market. We disclosed key information about IEO in the AMA.

Speaker: Car Marz, VS Market Manager

Reward: 5 best questioners share $100 VST

(2)VoiceStreet X Ivy Market

On August 2 9:00 UTC, we held an AMA with Ivy Market.

Ivy Market is an all-encompassing NFT marketplace that enables you to unlock additional benefits.

We shared our story of music & metaverse during the AMA.

Speaker: Car Marz, VS Market Manager

Reward: $100 (5 from tweet comments & 5 during live)

(3)VoiceStreet X HistoryDao

On August 2 12:00 PM UTC, we held an AMA with HistoryDao.

HistoryDAO is where the world records history in Web3.

Speaker: Sky Harris, Co-Funder of HistoryDAO

Reward: $200 USDT for 5 best questioners

(4)VoiceStreet X Boom

On August 3 10:00 AM UTC, we held an AMA with Boom.

Boom is a social network connecting Web2 and Web3 SocialFi.

Speaker: Shaheen Y, Boom Community Manager

Reward: $100 USDT for 3 best live-questions and 2 selected tweet comments

(5) VoiceStreet X Chief Toad

On August 3 14:00 UTC, we held an AMA with Chief Toad.

Speaker: Car Marz, VS Market Manager

(6) VoiceStreet X Kenzo Ventures

On August 4 13:00 UTC, we held an AMA with Kenzo Ventures.

Kenzo Ventures focus on developing early-stage projects with good potential and benefits their investors

Speaker: Car Marz, VS Market Manager

Reward: $100 VST to be won 5 Best questions & 5 Free asking

4. VS NFT Project Review Video

Voice Street is a lab dedicated to bringing music to the world of Web3 and further functioning as an on-chain infrastructure for the Web3.0 music field.

Check out the video below to see what does Luran Dionisio think of the Metaverse of VS_DPGU and VoiceStreet:


5. VoiceStreet & DPGU Roadmap

In Q1 and Q2, we developed the VS NFT Trading Platform and functions like IMO, we also listed on BitCoke exchange.

Check out our roadmap to see what’s up in VS & DPGU for the rest of this year:

In the future, we’ll log in more exchanges, more surprises to expect!

Daffy Panda Ganging Up Progress

1. Game Test 🎮

Ark of Panda game test starts on August 5. Anyone who wants to enter the Ark of panda’s P2E, please send your BSC wallet address and add this sentence, “Apply for invitation code “ to wl@voicestreet.org, invitations will be sent soon.

Follow us for more information!

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2. Daffy Panda Ganging Up Official Website

3. VS-DPGU Twitter

4. VS Twitter

5. VS-DPGU Discord

6. VS-DaffyPanda Telegram en

7. VS Instagram

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Voice Street-Daffy Panda

Voice Street-Daffy Panda


VoiceStreet is a music-based NFT platform, aiming to build the infrastructure of Web 3.0 intellectual property on-chain