Kevin Shin’s full music copyright of “Live A Little” IMO Token will be released!

IMO Details:


12:00 Singapore Time (UTC+8), 25th January 2022, DPGU Holders Snapshot

19:00 Singapore Time (UTC+8), 26th January 2022, DPGU Holders Whitelist Subscriptions

20:00 Singapore Time (UTC+8), 26th January 2022, Official Subscription


Network: BSC

Token: KVS

Tokens for Sale: 2,000,000 KVS

Ratio: 1USDT=40KVS

*DPGU holders: DPGU holders can join Whitelist, and users on Whitelist can apply for purchase one hour in advance.

Applications of Token:

1. Revenue from streaming platforms

2. Revenue from authorized performances

3. Revenue from adaptation rights

4. KTV VOD authorization revenue

5. Commercial licensing under other tradition uses

6. Participate in DAO voting

Token Allocation: (table):

100% at TGE

Total Allocation: 10,000,000

Musician Introduction:

k.shin (Kevin Shin) enjoys a high reputation in Korea, has won the Best Emerging Artist, best rap song nomination, best rap album award, best jazz/soul song nomination in Korea, and many other awards. Internationally, he has cooperated with Chris Brown, TY Dolla Sign, and other superstars, and was invited by BURBERRY to produce the endorsement theme song. He received high recognition all over the world.

Work Introduction:

L.A.L is the abbreviation for “Live a Little.” This song takes the listener on a journey into the metaverse as DPGU’s Panda. The beat is bright with color composed mainly with an electronic synthesizer and hip hop drums. The melody and lyrics portray a world that we are now all living in, the digital world. With the new hype being all about the NFT space, “Live a Little” defines us to reach into the new age and become something that puts you on the edge.

The VoiceStreet team does not endorse, support or otherwise perform any due diligence on the projects listed on its platform. Please DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH before investing into these projects and never invest more than you are willing to lose.


Afghanistan, Albania, Bahamas, Barbados, Botswana, Cambodia, Canada, Cuba, Ghana, China, Iran (Islamic Republic of), Iraq, Jamaica, Korea (the Democratic People’s Republic of), Libya, Mauritius, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Panama, Pakistan, South Sudan, Sudan (North), Syrian Arab Republic, The Crimea, The United Kingdom, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda, United States of America, Vanuatu, Yemen, Zimbabwe;
Jurisdictions in which participation or ownership of tokens is prohibited by any applicable Law.



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VoiceStreet is a music-based NFT platform, aiming to build the infrastructure of Web 3.0 intellectual property on-chain

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Voice Street-Daffy Panda

VoiceStreet is a music-based NFT platform, aiming to build the infrastructure of Web 3.0 intellectual property on-chain