Kevin Shin’s full music copyright of “Live A Little” IMO Token will be released!

IMO Details:

12:00 Singapore Time (UTC+8), 25th January 2022, DPGU Holders Snapshot

19:00 Singapore Time (UTC+8), 26th January 2022, DPGU Holders Whitelist Subscriptions

20:00 Singapore Time (UTC+8), 26th January 2022, Official Subscription


Network: BSC


Voice Street is committed to building the world’s largest NFT platform for music IP derivatives, providing easy-to-use and complete blockchain digital music infrastructure to digital music creators, and making digital music creation and distribution more efficient and convenient by building a digital music NFT distribution platform. Music copyright fragmentation trading…

  1. Introduction

Ark of Panda is a simulation game and a music-themed community. Players from all over the world gather here, taking some leisure time to stay in this virtual music world.

Ark of Panda imitates the real world constructing places and culture in the game. Most of the events that…

Thank you — all Daffy Warriors — again for your dedication to Daffy Panda Ganging Up. Today, it’s a very important day for Daffy Panda Ganging Up. We will announce its official release date!

We have received huge support and amazing higher participation since we started. The fast speed of…

Voice Street-Daffy Panda

VoiceStreet is a music-based NFT platform, aiming to build the infrastructure of Web 3.0 intellectual property on-chain

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